Principes de fonctionnement
Les actionneurs thermoélectrique Spartan (ME1607 normalement ouvert, ME1707 normalement fermé,
ME1707S normalement fermé avec interrupteur) utilize a highly refined wax filled element with
piston/stem and patented packless elastomer seal. They are silent, extremely compact,
inherently fail safe and can operate on control valves for hot and cold water, and low
pressure steam to 15PSI. A PTC (positive-temperature-coefficient) semi-conductive disc
is both temperature control and heat source. The element expands in direct proportion
to the amount of wax melted, driving the stem through its travel to open the valve. No
other travel or thermostatic switches are required. Life expectancy is therefore in multiple
decades and unconditionally guaranteed by Spartan Peripheral Devices for 5 years.