The FM-180 Series Wireless Total Water Main Leak Detection Alarm Shutoff System is designed to sound an audible alarm and shut down the water feed line when a sensor puck comes in contact with conductive liquid (such as water). Wireless Total Water Main units come with two battery operated, pre-programmed sensor pucks. The unit requires a 110VAC wall outlet for power and provides alarm silence and reset buttons. In the event the alarm activates, silence the audible alarm by pressing and releasing the silence button on the alarm box; the yellow silence indicator light on the alarm box will turn on to indicate the system is in silence mode. Locate the source of the leak, remove the sensor puck from the water and dry the metal contacts at the bottom of the sensor puck. Correct the problem causing the leak and place the sensor puck in the desired leak detection location once again as required. Press and release the reset button on the alarm box to open the valve and begin the flow of water again. The green power ON/OFF indicator light on the alarm box will flash once to confirm the reset. When placing the sensor puck in a new location, function test the unit to confirm it is still within signal range of the alarm box (see step 17 below). It is also recommended that you function test the sensor puck after an event or alarm status has been cleared, to confirm location is within range. All units provide an optional connection to a home security alarm system or control panel. Additional sensor pucks, sold separately, can be added to the system where a wider area of leak detection.