Burst washing machine hoses are a leading cause of water leaks in the home. Clogged drains, or machines draining into a laundry basin with a stopped or blocked drain are also likely culprits. Whatever the cause, the Water Guardian™ Washing Machine Water Leak Protection System will sense and automatically shut off both the hot and cold water supply to the washing machine as soon as the water leak is detected.

This do-it-yourself kit features 2 stainless steel ball valves, one for the hot water supply and one for the cold water supply. These valves connect directly to your existing supply taps. Simply unscrew your existing hoses from the supply taps, screw the hose-fitting end of the valve on to the supply tap, and screw the hose onto the other end of the valve. No pipes need to be cut and no soldering or special plumbing tools are required.