Two position On/Off electronic room thermostat with digital display and digital key set point. Suitable for controlling heating or cooling valves, fans or other two position devices to maintain an accurate room temperature.

Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit scale by jumper J1. External heating/cooling changeover thermostat or wire jumper can be connected to terminals 4 and 5 to select heating or cooling mode. Economy mode can be implemented by grounding terminal 6 or connecting a contact across terminal 6 and 7.

The hand icon will be displayed. Pressing the hand button for 3 seconds will override to a regular mode for a 2 hour period. Optional external 10K NTC type 3 temperature sensor can be connected to terminal 8 and 9 and selected by jumper J2. Full or limited set point adjustment can be set with jumper J3. If using the thermostats for DX cooling an extended delay can be selected with jumper J4.